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PlayStation VR

The PS VR is arguably the best-looking and friendliest of the main VR headsets. The glowing lights and moulded black and white plastic aren't so intimidating, and it's very comfortable. It's comparatively light and the large visor, we're assured, can accommodate even large glasses frames.
It's possibly the most social, too. While it uses a PS4, the PlayStation VR will also ship with a smaller box that sits between the headset and the PS4 to handle the 3D bits. An added bonus of this setup is you can connect the box to a TV, so people can see what you're seeing. Watching what's going on is far more interesting than watching someone on their own, so we can see this being a winning feature. You'll also need a PlayStation Camera for the PlayStation VR because it's how the headset tracks movement – it costs extra. Like the PlayStation Move controllers, the camera tracks the lights on the front of the headset as you move your head around. This works prett…

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WHAT IS THE BEKO WDA91440W? The WDA91440W is a feature packed washer dryer from Beko with an impressive 9kg load capacity for washing or a sizeable 6kg load for washing and drying all-in-one go. It offers 16 pre-set programmes to suit different clothing types and it has two fast wash modes for when you’re in a hurry. This A rated energy efficient washer dryer uses direct air cooling technology that draws outside air in during the drying process to cool the condenser. Against other washer-dryers that use cold water for cooling the condenser this can save you up to 95 bath tubs of water per year. This model also feature’s the company’s Aquafusion technology, which is claimed to reduce the amount of detergent wasted during a washing cycle by 10%. With a clear LCD display to keep you informed of your washing progress and a countdown timer, the Beko WDA91440W is a neat all round package. BEKO WDA91440W: WHAT IS IT LIKE TO USE? The main controls are fairly self-explanatory with all the pro…


WHAT IS THE SAMSUNG WD906U4SAGD? A feature packed all-in-one washer dryer with an impressive 9kg load capacity for washing or you can wash and dry a 6kg load all in one go. It also features Samsung’s the same ecobubble wash technology as the excellent Samsung WF90F7E6U6W washing machine, where a soapy froth is created by mixing the detergent with both air and water before the cycle begins, enabling the bubbles to penetrate deep into the fibres faster than a conventional wash. This enables wash performance at cooler temperatures to be as effective as warmer temperatures, which in turn saves energy and running costs. The embossed raised shape of the Diamond Drum, unique to Samsung, allows the clothes more contact with the water and drum, while smaller water holes prevent damage and snagging. It is claimed that this provides deep clean results even for the most delicate washing. The air wash cycle gently removes unpleasant smells and sanitizes laundry without water, so is ideal for some…

iPhone 7

Let's get right down to it: if Apple had launched the iPhone 7 in place of the iPhone 6S last year, it would probably have been the phone of the year. We're used to the S variants of the iPhone being minimal upgrades – just the right amount of change to encourage a purchase by those with ageing handsets – and if the myriad changes on this new iPhone had arrived in 2015, it would have been fantastic. Instead of the iPhone 6S, with just a 3D Touch screen in the way of new features and a few power boosts here and there, we'd have had a waterproof handset with dual speakers, a brighter and more colorful screen and a boosted 12MP camera that took better pictures than the one on the iPhone 6. Changing the home button from a clickable entity to something that responds to pressure – and possibly even the loss of the headphone jack – would have been seen as innovative and alternative in a sea of identikit handsets. And if Apple had thrown in the new Jet Black finish with a top-end…

Panasonic HX-A1ME

WHAT IS THE PANASONIC HX-A1ME? The HX-A1ME is Panasonic's entry-level action camera – the baby brother of the HX-A500E. As an entry level action camera the HX-A1ME cuts a few corners on hardware. Where the HX-A500E boasts a 4K video resolution and a separate recording unit, the HX-A1ME only offers Full HD and uses a more standard bullet camera format. Making up for this, the HX-A1ME is also about half the price. PANASONIC HX-A1ME – DESIGN Thanks to its bullet-camera shape and 45g weight, the HX-A1ME is one of the smallest action cameras you'll come across. It makes a GoPro HERO3 look like it needs to go on a diet, although the recently released HERO4 Session is also tiny. There's no built-in screen, and there are only three buttons on the top for control. It's available in black and luminous orange.
Panasonic has led the way with standards-based rugged camcorders, and the HX-A1ME continues the tradition. It's waterproof and dust-proof to IP68 standard, which means…

Snooper DVR-4HD

WHAT IS THE SNOOPER DVR-4HD? The Snooper DVR-4HD is a dashboard camera with added safety features, including speed camera alerts. The frequency of cameras on cyclists' heads and inside vehicles is increasing, to match those the authorities and commercial interests have proliferated our cities and roads with. The DVR-4HD is designed to give you your own forward-facing surveillance system, so you can capture your own evidence of any incidents that occur ahead. The DVR-4HD is much smaller than a sat-nav, with a 2.7-inch screen. This is a good halfway house, because you do want a decent screen to make sure the camera is pointed in the right direction. But you also don't want a screen so large that it distracts you from the road, or vies with your sat-nav for attention. SNOOPER DVR-4HD – WINDSCREEN MOUNTING The mount is designed to be installed near the top of your windscreen. You could place it to one side, but I found the best position was just beneath the rear view mirror, alth…